Chevrolet Ad Campaign Destroys Ford F-150

The Chevrolet Silverado is all about taking care of business and the brand’s latest ad campaign proves just that. Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you dropped 825 lbs. of concrete blocks into the bed of both a Silverado and Ford F-150? Chevrolet did and the results are pretty telling when it comes to durability and quality of the trucks.

The latest Chevrolet ad campaign targeted this Ford F-150 with its sights set on the truck’s aluminum body. To prove the Silverado’s steel body was more durable than the F-150, demonstrators put the two trucks to the test in the simplest way possible: dropping concrete blocks straight into the bed from five feet up.

The F-150’s aluminum body was punctured, scratched, and dented through and through. Meanwhile, the Silverado’s steel body had a few tough scratches and dents but no punctures.

To further prove the durability of the Silverado, the campaign set a toolbox on the side of the bed then tipped it over into the bed of the truck. The Silverado received little more than a scratch while the toolbox put a major hole in the F-150.

We here at Jeff Lungren Chevrolet are proud to see the Silverado holding up better than the competition!

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