JD Power Dependability Study Features Four Chevy Models

As a global marketing information service that analyzes and compares products on the market to find which brands offer the highest quality, JD Power is relied on by both consumers and automakers alike to determine how individual products stack up against competitors. Each year, the company releases information found through research conducted by the JD Power Dependability Study. JD Power interviews the owners of various types of automobiles to determine their satisfaction with the product, and for 2016, four different Chevrolet models took the number one spots in their respective segments.

The segments in question were Midsize Car, Midsize Sporty Car, Compact SUV, and Large Heavy Duty Pickup, and the Segment Awards were given to the Malibu, Camaro, Equinox, and Silverado HD, respectively. This is the second year in a row that the Chevy Malibu and Silverado HD have taken the title, and the fourth consecutive year that the Camaro has won best in its segment. In addition to those four models, two other Chevy models placed within the top three in their segments, with Tahoe taking second in the large SUV category and Silverado ranking third among Large Light Duty Pickups.

The JD Power Dependability Study focuses on vehicles that have been on the road for three years and monitoring how well their capabilities and features have lasted over time. Automobiles of the 2013 model year were analyzed for the 2016 study. Chevy was honored to receive best-ever third-year dependability ratings for 2016, with Chevrolet Vice President Brian Sweeney expressing gratitude to JD Power for the recognition and pride in his brand for being “the brands that customers can truly count on.”

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