Chevrolet Leap Day Event Encourages Others to #DayItForward

The term “pay it forward” is thrown around a lot to encourage people to spread a little extra happiness to the people around them—basically, if someone does something nice for you, “pay it forward” by doing something nice for somebody else to keep the chain of random acts of kindness going. This year, a Chevrolet Leap Day event called for the combination of both the once-every-four-years occasion and the act of paying it forward, in what the brand referred to as its #DayItForward social media campaign.

The rules of the campaign were simple: Perform a random act of kindness, then tweet about it, contributing to the campaign by tagging it with the #DayItForward Twitter hashtag. The hashtag was so popular and successful that even celebrities and other prominent pop culture figures joined in on the craze, ranging from Eva Longoria taking the opportunity to credit her friend Elvia Barboa for her work with children diagnosed with cancer, to cancer survivor and Detroit Tiger Daniel Norris spending the day with a fan battling the same disease, to Kevin Spacey handing over a performing arts grant to promising student Diontae Simpson.

Local communities dipped their toes into the event, as well. A teacher’s aide by the name of Monica Brewer was gifted a new 2016 Malibu in recognition of the many young lives she’s touched throughout the course of her career. Second-grade teacher Shane Heiman teamed up with Chevrolet engineers to secretly develop 3D models of the “dream cars” designed by his students. And last but certainly not least, young philanthropist “Super Ewan,” only nine years old, hitched a ride with Chevrolet employees to help provide food for the hungry in Detroit.

The Chevrolet Leap Day event called for people everywhere to make the world a little bit brighter, at least for one day—and thanks to all those who participated, Leap Day 2016 was a happier day for many, many people, from those in need to those who deserved an extra bit of recognition for all their hard work. You’ll never know how many lives you touch when you #DayItForward.

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