Driver Behaviors Each Car Color Represents

You can tell a lot about a driver from the vehicle model they drive. However, you may be able to learn even more about them by paying attention to the color of their vehicle! According to a report from Fox Business, car color can be a powerful indicator of personality and behavior.  We’ve broken down the driver behaviors each car color represents below!


White is one of the most popular vehicle colors available, thanks in part to how practical it is.


People who drive black vehicles are often individuals who enjoy some of the finer things in life.


Silver vehicles are a favorite among trendsetters and those who keep up with the latest technology.


What separates grey from silver is that drivers with grey vehicles tend to fit in pretty well in any environment.


A bold color like red is perfect for bold drivers!


The perfect foil to red, blue represents serenity and calm driving habits.


For those who get in touch with nature, green is the go-to color.


Optimism is a common factor in drivers who choose bright yellow vehicles.


Brown is an even better indicator of practicality and financial wisdom than white.


If drivers really want to stand out, then they can choose a rare color like orange!

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