Quick Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe This Season

You know how dangerous it can be to get stuck on the road when those heavy, snow-packed winds come whipping across the plains, but sometimes being out in the bad weather is unavoidable. For those moments when you have no choice but to brave the icy onslaught, here are a few quick winter driving tips to make your trip just a little bit safer.

  • When accelerating or decelerating, do so slowly. This will help you maintain traction and also regain traction in the event of a skid.
  • Since it takes longer to slow down over ice and snow, look ahead. Beware of stoplights and stop signs and give yourself ample time to come to a safe and slow stop.
  • Drive slower than usual.
  • If you can avoid it, don’t come to a complete stop. Maintaining just a bit of forward momentum can be the difference between a dramatic skid and normal forward motion.
  • Don’t stop on hills, but don’t try to power up them either. Keep moving at a slow and steady pace. If you can avoid driving up or down a hill in bad weather, do it!

In case you didn’t notice, we used the word slow a lot throughout our list of winter driving tips. Take things easy and don’t rush through bad weather!

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