Things to Do on Thanksgiving for a Memorable Holiday with Family and Friends

Things to do on thanksgiving | Jeff Lungren Chevrolet | Grove, OK

Who doesn’t love a great Thanksgiving meal? But, Thanksgiving is about more than eating; it’s about appreciating the friends and family you’re with. If you’re at a loss for what to do before or after the highly anticipated meal, consider these suggestions from Jeff Lungren Chevrolet for things to do on thanksgiving.

Catch a Movie

A movie is a perfect way to relax with family and friends if everyone is feeling lethargic after a Thanksgiving feast. Just remember that Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for movie theaters, so pick something the whole family will love and get your tickets in advance!

Get Away for the Weekend

Hosting Thanksgiving at your home can be stressful. Consider planning a mini-vacation this Thanksgiving and enjoy a truly carefree holiday. You can really spend some quality time with the family if everyone turns their smartphones off for a day. Again, it’s important to plan ahead if you’re traveling, as roads are often crowded around Thanksgiving.

Play a Game

When the Thanksgiving meal is done, get a board game going before everyone gets too lazy on the couch. You could even offer prizes to ensure everyone will be excited to participate.

Don’t let your Thanksgiving be a dud this year. Instead, try one or more of these fun ideas to make this year’s holiday one to remember! And, While you are at it stop by Jeff Lungren Chevrolet and test drive a new Chevy!

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