Preparing your car for college

Prepare your car for college | Jeff Lungren Chevrolet | Grove, OK

With back-to-school quickly approaching, we have put together a few helpful tips on how to prepare your car for college!

Get your vehicle checked out.

In the whirlwind of packing your bags and making sure you have everything, don’t forget your car! Make sure to do a routine maintenance check such as oil changes, check tires, wipers, and a tune up to make sure your car is set for the trip.

Loading up your car.

Now that your car is all checked out and good to go, the fun game of Tetris begins! Try to organize your things and put the heaviest items on the bottom. Try to balance the load, so that the heavy things are not all on one side. Also, try not to block your back windows too much, so that you can still see out of them to drive.

Getting to know your way around town.

If you’re new to the area, getting to know your new surroundings is always a plus! Things to look for are local gas stations, parking restrictions, who to call for roadside assistance or even basic needs like dead batteries and locking your keys in your car. The university and campus police are usually good places to ask these questions.

Consider signing up for an auto club membership.

No matter how short or far the distance, joining an auto club like AAA is always great to have in an emergency! The nice thing about AAA is it covers you not just your car. So even if you are out with your friends in their car, if something happens AAA will come to assist you!

Pack an emergency kit.

It’s always good to have an emergency kit in your truck to help with the unexpected roadside issues, like flat tires, overheating, and dead batteries.  Things like jumper cables, car jack, flashlights, bottles of water, paper towels, first aid kits and multi-purpose tools are always helpful to have.

This is also something that you should update seasonally depending on where you go to school. In the winter, adding a bag of salt or sand, ice scraper, and small shovel may come in handy when you get stuck in the snow on your way back home for the holidays.

Keep up with your normal maintenance schedule.

Even though you are away at school, it is important to keep up with your preventative maintenance throughout the school year. This way your car will be in top shape to get you from point A to point B at all times possible!

For any routine maintenance advice or questions, contact us here at Jeff Lungren Chevrolet, your trusted local Chevy Dealer!

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