Hot Weather Driving Tips: Beat the Heat This Summer

Hot weather is right around the corner, which means there are some important steps you should take as you drive. That’s why we’ve put together a list of hot weather driving tips to help you stay ahead of the changing seasons. One of the major reasons for breakdowns in the summer is overheating, which can lead to serious damage to your vehicle. Read on to learn more about preventative steps you can take.

Though most people associate battery failure with cold weather, the heat can also have an adverse effect on your car’s electrical system. According to Forbes, you should have your battery serviced before the heat waves hit so you can fill fluid and electrolyte levels to proper amounts. This is for mostly wet-cell batteries; however, any type of battery should be free of corrosion, with secure connections.

Next, keep up on the cooling system. Coolant is used to move heat away from moving components in the engine, and it cycles through the radiator. If you haven’t had your radiator flushed in the past year, consider it for this upcoming year. You should use a 50/50 coolant/antifreeze mixture, and be sure the fluid is not only full, but that no hoses are leaking.

Finally, check your tires for pressure. While tires lose pressure in cold weather, pressure can increase in the heat. Overinflated tires lead to an increased risk of blowouts, and it also tends to increase wear and tear on the middle of the tread. Visit the service experts at Jeff Lungren Chevrolet to learn more about what you can do to beat the heat this summer.

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