Hiking Trails in the Oklahoma Ozark Mountains

With the weather warming up, one of the best things to do is get out of the house and head out into the wilderness. Flowers are blooming, trees are budding, and native wildlife is starting to come out of their winter hibernation. Since we at Jeff Lungren Chevrolet are situated in Grove, Oklahoma, we’re located close to the Oklahoma Ozark Mountains, which is home to many scenic hiking trails you can visit to experience the spring weather.

Dripping Springs Trail

This trail is only a half-mile long, which makes it a nice outing for families with small children who get bored easily. It also features the stunning Dripping Falls Springs.

Ankle Express Trail

Designed with backpackers in mind, this trail is 18 miles long and takes adventurers around the beautiful Greenleaf Lake.

Shorter Trails

The above two are the most popular trails in the area, but there are many shorter or less commonly-traveled trails located in certain parks and reserves. The Oklahoma Ozarks are also home to many stunning lakes for you to enjoy!

The Oklahoma Ozark Mountains give hikers of all difficulty levels the chance to venture out into the wild to experience the greenery and warmth of spring. Try looking for trails that maybe aren’t as famous for a new and unique experience.

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