Tornadic Expeditions Storm Chasing Tours in Oklahoma City

Storm with lightning

It was a sad day for Hollywood and fans of classic movies like Aliens and Twister when actor Bill Paxton passed away recently. His work was influential in many ways, and Twister alone had children and adults alike dreaming of what it would be like to come face to face with some of mother nature’s most powerful forces.

At Jeff Lungren Chevrolet, we have respect for the strength of the weather—especially living in Oklahoma, where it can change lives in the blink of an eye. But some people seek to understand these forces by getting up close and personal with them. For those who have never been able to shake the influence of Twister, there’s a solution. Tornadic Expeditions Storm Chasing Tours in Oklahoma City welcome anyone to purchase tours with professional storm chasers who are trained to read radar maps and predict weather patterns.

Tornadic Expeditions Storm Chasing Tours offers small group tours of no more than four people. Experienced storm chasers read the forecast in all of tornado alley, leading guests to those areas with the greatest chance of tornadic activity. There, participants can witness the wonder and power of mother nature first-hand, but with the security of a trained guide. A storm chasing tour with this group promises to be an exhilarating experience like no other.

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