First Look at the Redesigned 2018 Traverse

redesigned 2018 Traverse - jeff lungren chevrolet - grove ok

The Chevrolet Traverse has been a stalwart member of Chevy’s extensive SUV and crossover lineup for years, but it was time for a revamp. Right now, SUVs and crossovers are hot in the competitive American market, so the Traverse needed a makeover to keep up with its rivals. Chevrolet is confident in the direct they took for the redesign 2018 Traverse, which was unveiled at the recent North American International Auto Show in Detroit, giving insiders our first glimpse of the new model.

The new Traverse is a companion to the more upscale Tahoe, offering families a more budget-friendly hauler that can easily accommodate up to eight passengers and their cargo while also providing plenty of value, great fuel economy, and adequate power. Thanks to features like the 2018 model year’s larger and more spacious design as well as a new 305-HP V6 engine, it seems Chevrolet has achieved these goals. The 2018 Traverse has dropped a couple hundred pounds, too, making it more efficient and needing less power for better performance.

The redesign 2018 Traverse improves upon the previous generation in every category while retaining what makes the nameplate so accessible and beloved to American families. Experts expect it to have an affordable base price comparable to a midsize SUV when it launches, too.

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