Tips for Packing Your Trunk with Gifts for the Holidays

tips for packing your trunk

The Holiday Season is upon us, which means you’re probably catching up on some last-minute shopping. Most shoppers are looking for a long list of presents, including something for the kids, spouse, parents, siblings, friends, and maybe even pets. That’s why it’s important to know the best ways to pack gifts this time of year, ensuring you optimize space without damaging a present. Read on for tips for packing your trunk.

The first thing to do, according to Travel Packing, is to take inventory. Make sure to account for every possible gift and shopping bag you must pack. As you do this, be sure organize your items into groups. Categories should include heavy items, awkward shapes, lightweight items, and breakables.

Next, put the awkward items in first. Naturally, if they are delicate you’ll have to wait until the end; however, the key to packing your trunk is to fit the awkward shapes first. These items can take up more space, so keeping them together will limit your loss of space.

Put heavy items towards the back of the trunk, and add medium-weight items on top.  If you have any blankets or other items that can bend without breaking, try to fill in the holes between boxes. Finally, add lightweight items to the top.

Be sure to avoid obscuring your rear window if possible. You can use this same strategy to fill up the back seat or the passenger seat, so try to distribute the items if possible.

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